Adding, Editing and Deleting Projects

Conservation Certification recognizes efforts that are encompassed in one or more of the 25 project types. Most programs contain more than one project, and the number of projects in a program can change over time. WHC encourages starting with a small number of projects, and adding projects over time. 

Adding Projects

When a program is added to the certification website, the first step is to add all of the habitat types that are found on the program site (whether the habitats are being managed or not).
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After the habitats found on site have been added, additional projects and habitats can be added by clicking on the New Project button.
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Editing Projects

Most of the project information is contained in the application form. The application form is available to add to and edit at any time.

Higher level information about the project, including the Project Name and, for habitats, whether or not it is actively managed can be edited through the Project Info button, which can be found at the bottom left of the project application form.

Deleting Projects

To delete a project entirely, go to the Project Info page and click the Delete Project button. This capability should be used carefully as once a project has been deleted, all of the information entered for that project is lost. 
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