The WHC Awards, presented annually at the WHC Conservation Conference, honor excellence in corporate conservation; recipients include both national and international companies across a variety of industry sectors. Awards include:

Corporate Conservation Leadership Award

Our top award honors one company’s overall achievement in conservation efforts, and signifies an exemplary level of corporate commitment to biodiversity and conservation education, and meaningful alignments with global conservation objectives.

Employee Engagement Award

Presented to one organization, this award recognizes a company’s involvement in conservation through the sheer force of its employee teams who participate in its habitat and conservation education activities.

Gold Program Award

This award recognized the overall depth of one exceptional program in the Gold Certified tier.

Project Awards

Projects are recognized for their excellence in each of the 25 project types if one or more noteworthy application was received for the project type. This category offers projects of all sizes the ability to compete for recognition.

Ibis Award

This new award will recognize a program that has demonstrated resiliency of spirit and advancement of conservation despite shutdowns, quarantines and changes in the workplace. Programs with applications submitted by July 15, 2021 will be eligible for nomination.

Learn more about the WHC Awards including the most recent winners and nominees.
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