Potential Error Messages

In some areas of the website, you may receive an error message. See below for explanation and next steps for these messages. 

Error Related to: Empty Fields 

The most common type of error occurs when a required field is not populated. Clicking on the error message will bring you to the field that needs to be populated or revised. The error message may provide direction to correct the error, such as that the answer must be numeric.
Error Message - validation - 6.5.19.png 59.98 KB

If you have multiple errors and would like to hide them, click Save at the bottom of the page to remove the errors while you continue to work. 

Error Related to: Drop-Down Lists 

Some users may have intermittent issues with the following drop-down lists:
  • State/Province 
  • Project Type 

Technology professionals are currently investigating this issue to devise a fix. 

In the meantime, we recommend leaving the page, waiting approximately 10 minutes to navigate back to the page where you had the issue, and the drop-down lists should work. If you need to enter information immediately contact us at conservationcertification@wildlifehc.org or 1-301-588-8994.

Additionally, if you experience this issue, please email conservationcertification@wildlifehc.org with the date/time that you experienced the issue and the browser you were using (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.).

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