Project Types

Projects are a collection of activities that support an objective which targets either a habitat, species or learners. 

Conservation Certification recognizes 24 different types of projects which are grouped into four categories: Habitat, Species, Education and Other Options.

Use the category descriptions below to help determine which projects you should include in your application.

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Habitat Project Types

  • Project focus: Habitats and their management
  • Key components: Monitoring vegetation (for vegetated habitats); often includes maintenance activities to preserve the habitat

Species Project Types

  • Project focus: Management of a native species or group of species (such as songbirds) or targeting invasive species
  • Key components: Monitoring the species

Education Project Types

  • Project focus: Conservation education that engages learners (students, employees, general public, etc.). 
  • Key components: Assessment of learning and/or project logistics that, ensures the education pertains to wildlife, habitat or both

Other Options Project Types*

  • Project focus: Varies, generally at a broader scale that goes beyond another specific project type
  • Key components: Varies, some Other Options projects require linking to a qualifying habitat or species project
*Projects in this category do not make a program eligible for certification.
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