Renewal Applications

If you have already applied for Conservation Certification and are renewing, you can find your current application in your programs button. All of the projects from your last application will be in your current application. If you would like to add or delete projects of any type, you can do so using the +New Project button at any time up until submitting the application for review. 
Some of the data for each project from your last application will already be populated in the current application, but fields that need new answers will be blanked out. 

These answers should be different from what you provided in your last application, but if you ever want to look at a past application, you can access them by clicking the past applications button on your dashboard. 

Please keep in mind that all of the information in your application must be current. So although some fields will be pre-populated, you are still responsible for reviewing and updating/deleting as needed everything in the application. 

Remember that the reviewer knows nothing about your program other than what is provided in the application. As a result, it’s important to provide any details/context that will help the reviewer in assessing your program. The bulk of your application should focus on what has been done since you last applied. So, you only need to include monitoring and maintenance information that has occurred in the past 2-3 years (since your last application).

For example if you last applied July 2019 and are due for renewal in 2022, your project application should include information about activities that occurred in August 2019 through the date you submit your application. 
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