Overview of Requirements

In order for a program to receive Conservation Certification, it must have at least one qualifying Habitat, Species or Education project. 

Requirements for Qualifying Projects

The specific requirements to determine qualifying projects can vary, but there are universal concepts across project types.
 Qualifying projects must:

1.   Be locally appropriate
2.   Exceed any relevant regulatory requirements
3.   Have a conservation or conservation education objective
4.   Provide conservation or conservation education value
5.   Have documented measurable outcomes
Each of the above project requirements are addressed by specific questions in the application and corresponding scoring criteria. 

General Requirements for Habitat, Species and Education Projects

Below are general requirements for each category; specific requirements vary slightly by project type. Be sure to consult project specific requirements for Habitat, Species and Education in this section.
Category Requirement Table -Long - 2.19.19.PNG 68.84 KB
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