Site and Program Contacts - Start Here

Have you been designated as a Site Contact or a Program Contact? If so, to get started we suggest you review the information below. This investment of your time now will save you hours in the future and will also help ensure you have the strongest application possible.

  1. What is Conservation Certification? - If you aren’t familiar with WHC Certification, here's a quick overview
  2. Navigation Tips - Learn how to work within the online application system
  3. Program status - Confirm whether the program is certified and, if it is, when it is due for renewal
  4. Understanding Project Types - See how what you're doing would best align with Conservation Certification's 25 types of projects
  5. Requirements - Learn about the overall requirements as well as those for each project type
  6. Common shortcomings - Look ahead to avoid these application issues
  7. Manage People - Get other team members involved and contributing to your application
  8. Applying - Ensure you have everything you need to apply
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