Status Dictionary

While you are working in the website, you will encounter lists views that display different statuses at the User, Program and Project Level. We have developed a Status Dictionary below to help explain what the various statuses you may encounter mean.

User Statuses

Pending Contact - A user has requested to be added to the organization or program and is awaiting approval.


Users can have up to two different roles in the website. Everyone associated with an organization will have an organization role. If a user is also involved with a program, they will also have a program level role, also known as a permission level. Users can be de-activated from the organization if they are no longer with the organization and can be removed from the program if they are no longer associated with that program.

Affiliate - A user who is associated with the organization.

Main Corporate Contact
- A user who is able to edit information about the organization, can access any programs in the organization and can appoint a new Main Corporate Contact as needed.

Secondary Corporate Contact
- A user who is able to access any programs in the organization and can add contacts as Secondary Corporate contacts or Affiliates to the organization.

Main Site Contact
- A user who is the main point of contact for the program and can add other users to the program and appoint a user as the new Main Site Contact as needed.

- A user who can edit or add information and projects to the program, submit the application and add other users as contributors or viewers to the program.

- A user who has view access only to the program and can add other users only as viewers to the program.

Program Statuses

Certification Status/Application Outcome - Indicates whether the program is certified or not. Includes the certification tiers of Certified, Certified Silver or Certified Gold.

Program Status - Indicates what stage in the Certification process the program is in. 
  • Registration - The program is currently being registered as a new program in the system.
  • In Progress - Indicates that a program is currently being developed to submit an initial or renewal application for Certification.
  • Ready to Submit - Indicates the program has complete projects and is ready to apply for Certification. At this stage, an application checklist can be reviewed before hitting submit.
  • Under Review - The program has submitted an application to be reviewed by external Reviewers or may be in the appeal process.
  • Unsuccessful Application - The program was reviewed and did not meet requirements to be Certified. 
  • Expired - The program did not submit a renewal application in the year it was due, so its Certification has expired and is no longer Certified.
Application Status - Indicates what stage in the application process the program's application is in. 
  • Not Applied - The application is currently in progress and has not yet been submitted for review.
  • Under Review - The application has been submitted and is currently being reviewed by external Reviewers.
  • Reviewed - The application has been reviewed and an outcome letter has been received by the Main Site Contact and Main Corporate Contact.

Project Statuses

Project Info - The first stage in creating a project that provides details about the project including the project type, project name and the various components of the project such as whether it practices unified or non-unified management, etc.

In Progress - Indicates that the project application form is currently being filled out.

Complete - Indicates all information in the project form has been filled out and ready to be submitted for review.

Incomplete - Indicates a project that was created but not finished and thus not submitted for review. This project will be available to add to/edit again once the program has been reviewed.

Under Review - Indicates a project that was submitted for review to be scored by the reviewer.

Reviewed - Indicates a project that was reviewed and will have a scoring sheet detailing the project's scores.
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