Finalizing and Submitting Your Application

Once you have completed the application forms for all the projects in your program you are ready to submit your application.

Included Projects

Only projects that are marked as both Complete and Include will be reviewed as part of your application.
  • If you have created a project but have not marked it as Complete, it will not be included in the application. 
  • If you marked a project as Complete but have determined that you don't want to include it in the application, you can designate the project as Do Not Include
Once all the projects you want included in your application are marked as Complete and Include, click the Apply for Certification button at the bottom of the program's page.
Applying for Certification 4.18.19.png 223.27 KB

Application Checklist

After clicking the Apply for Certification button, an application checklist will appear organizing your projects as:
  • Projects to be Reviewed
  • Not Actively Managed (Habitats that were designated as non-managed)
  • Incomplete Projects not currently part of the application
You will be able to open each project to check to make sure you included all the required information and can revise a project if something is missing.
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Final Submission

Click on the Submit Application button at the bottom of the application checklist once you have reviewed everything and are ready to submit.

If you receive an error message after clicking Submit Application, this means you have not completed a project that is required for the program to be certified. You must have at least one completed Actively Managed Habitat, Species, or Education  project to apply for certification.

If you haven't generated an invoice prior to applying, an invoice will be generated for you. Click on View Invoice to complete the payment process.

Important: Both the application and application fee must be submitted by an application deadline for consideration.

A confirmation page will appear after successfully submitting your application a confirmation email will be sent to confirm the submission.
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