What is Conservation Certification?

WHC’s certification program, Conservation Certification®, provides third-party credibility and an objective evaluation to help companies demonstrate a voluntary long-term commitment to managing quality habitat for wildlife, conservation education and community outreach initiatives.
Conservation Certification recognizes programs, or combinations of efforts that take place at a given location.

Programs can be managing for wildlife, managing habitat, providing conservation education (related to wildlife or habitats) or a combination of all three.

Within programs, Conservation Certification recognizes a diversity of project types including: native landscaping, mangrove restoration, butterfly monitoring, sustainable hunting to control deer populations, PhD projects, and community Earth Day events, among others. Learn more about the 25 possible project types.

With certified programs in 47 U.S. states and 28 countries, thousands already recognize what it means to be certified.

Learn more about our work around the world.

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